Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blog Post 2

Did you know?
In this video it explains that the technology in our environment is ever changing and and the staggering numbers are very surprising. The amount of technology has risen so much in the last 10 years and it steadily rising. I believe that technology is good for everyone and it helps everyone in so many aspects of our lives. It effects our schooling, work, social interactions, and everyday life. I know I use the internet multiple times a day on many different devices and appreciate how much it helps me complete many tasks.

Mr. Winkle Wakes
In this video it is showing Mr. Winkle is surprised how much the world has changed and how many different technologies there are. Mr. Winkle is confused by all the machines in the workplace and in the hospital but is comforted when he goes into a school and the technology is being neglected. I believe that the video is trying to show that technology should be utilized in the classroom much more and it should not be neglected when it can be used to help the students learn in a different way. I agree with this video in that technology should be used in the classroom to help the students learn in a different way.

Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity
In this video Mr. Robinson is explaining that many children are not being exposed to creative ways of learning. He argues that creativity is important to a child's development and that being creative is beneficial to their overall learning experience. I agree with his argument, I know that being creative in dance and art helped me, I suffer from ADD, become more focused in my studies and get better grades. Having a creative outlet is helpful because it focuses your creative energy into an activity so when you need to concentrate on another activity your creativity does not spill over into the activity you are currently working on.

Cecelia Gault Interviews Sir Ken Robinson
In this video the student Cecelia interviews Mr. Robinson, she asks him about his views on education. For me to have students like Cecelia who are so creative and interested in learning is a dream come true. Catering to such driven children is challenging but also rewarding. For students like Cecelia you need to provide a challenging and ever evolving learning environment which stimulates their creativity.

Vicki Davis: Harness Your Students Digital Smarts
In this video it shows a teacher who is using technology in her classroom effectively by empowering students to take part in each others learning experience. She teaches them effective ways of writing blog, and connecting with students across the world. I admire this teacher for her work because she is teaching students not to be afraid of new technology and to be knowledgeable about all the technologies they will need in the future.

-Meredith :)


  1. Hello Meredith!

    I didn't notice anything off grammar-wise, so that's all good. The only problem I found that really stood out for me was that your paragraphs all began with "In this video..." and then continued into slightly different derivations of what we like to call the Portable Paragraph. Just be sure that when you are doing your posts that you take the time to vary the content and really get into what each prompt is about. We want you to be active in searching out answers and contributing to the discussion. I understand that this class is a lot of work and that everyone is really busy, but if you put in the extra effort, the reward is success.

    As for your content, I can totally relate to your position on creativity. I was one of those un-diagnosed ADHD kids, and my parents had to find ways to keep me occupied. Art really helped me to find a channel for that energy, and I was extremely lucky to go to schools that had great art programs.

  2. Hi Meredith,

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I find it interesting that dance and art helped you control your A.D.D. in school. I think it is much healthier to take advantage of the excess energy than to use medication to suppress it. Just as Sir Ken Robinson stated in his video: The Importance of Creativity, what if Gillian Lynn had been medicated and told to calm down? We wouldn't be able to enjoy her marvelous work today!

    I didn't notice any grammatical errors in your post. But in the event that I did I would choose to notify you by email. Although I know that either decision is arguable, I think that unless the criticism is a debate about the blog post it should be delivered by email.