Sunday, October 30, 2011


C4T3 #1
I commented on Planning and Sharing with Social Media and I shared with the author how much I enjoyed the post. She talks about her upcoming field trip with her students and her plans to use social media to document the entire trip. She plans to use twitter and instagram, also her blog and audio boo. Its so exciting that she is using technology to share with the parents of her students. 

C4T3 #2
I commented on the post AIS Leaders Conference and I enjoyed the information she provided
and said that I looked forward to future blog posts.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blog Post 9


When I read Mr. McClung's post What I learned this year (2008-2009) I was encouraged that he felt very nervous about his lesson plans in his first year because I have a feeling that will plague me as a first year teacher when it happens and to keep my lessons student focused. He stressed listening to your students and communication with your coworkers. I also feel that technology is important to your teaching experience. 

In the second post What I learned this year (2009-2010) he struggled with figuring out how to teach social studies and history in a unboring way. I felt for him because I know teaching history must be hard to make interesting and fun. He also worked to help his students become better at holding discussions and sharing their thoughts and opinions. I agree that you have to show passion for what you are teaching so that the kids will want to learn.

Project 13a

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Short Movie Project 11: Book Review

Project 12: Book Trailer

Blog Post 8

teacher in a classroom
       When I watched This Is How We Dream Part 1 & 2 I was very interested in his views on technology and writing with multimedia. Often all my writing is done on my laptop and Sometimes I may publish my writings but often I keep them to myself. He describes many ways to write with multimedia and how it can be helpful in our world. When you write with multimedia it can be published on the internet forever where as a pamphlet may be thrown away after you have read it. This is helpful for people who want to keep spreading and publishing their multimedia writings. I find this very helpful in the classroom because you or your students can go back and look at previous classes blog posts and  search for articles that have been previously published.
        Technology makes many things possible and using it in the classroom is helpful in so many ways. Children can learn different ways to use technology from their teacher and also many teachers from around the world. Student can learn from there peers around the world and they will always be learning something new about using writing multimedia to share their ideas about multimedia with other people. Their ideas will be forever published on the internet so if one day they decide to become a teacher or just want to share it with their children, they can look it up with a few clicks of the mouse and you can bring up their multimedia.
        If we don't embrace technology we will be holding back our future leaders from the information that they need to become successful. Our future is determined by the youth and if we as teachers don't take teaching multimedia into our own hands we will doom the future in some ways. I hope to effectively use technology in my classroom in the future and will keep this information I have acquired for a long time.
        When I read Blog Post 12 by Carly Pugh I was very impressed by her assignment and the effort that she put in when creating her assignment. She provided many helpful links and videos to improve your teaching philosophy and pinpointing your teaching style. I have bookmarked this post as it will be very helpful in the future as I become a teacher.
        When I watched The Chipper Series I enjoyed the message in the video and thought it was a well thought out video. I only wish I could produce such a creative video. If I were to create a video I believe I would really enjoy book reviews for my students and viewers. I really enjoy reading new and interesting books and sharing my ideas and opinions with people on the various books I read and would love to hear feedback from other readers. Also when I watched EDM 310 for Dummies I also enjoyed the messaged and have experienced the same craziness they described but I eventually have figured it out.
        When I watched Learn to Change, Change to Learn I agreed very much with the message in this video. Student need the technology to be better learners and they need all different types of technology to learn in different ways.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blog Post #7

As I watched Randy Pausch's Last Lecture I found it so interesting while he was talking about his childhood dreams. He achieved his first dream of being weightless in space while he was at Carnegie. His second childhood dream was to play in the NFL. He played little league and learned a lot from it. Football helped him achieve his goals later in life, and he notes that football helped him learn about teamwork and the appreciation of hard work.

His third dream was to be in the World Book Encyclopedia. In which he created an article on virtual reality. His fourth dream was to be Captain Kirk, and what he learned from looking up to him is that leadership is very important. He got to meet William Shatner when he visited Carnegie and their virtual reality set up, in which they built a virtual reality of the Star Trek set for William Shatner which was great because he got to meet his childhood idol.

His fifth dream was to win stuffed animals, in which he showed some pictures of him winning many big stuffed animals, and he also gave some of the bears away. His sixth and final dream was to be an imagineer at Disney.  After graduating from college he applied at Disney to be an imagineer and graciously got denied.
But after time he got integrated with the alladin project and he achieved his dream.

I found this lecture very interesting because he discussed different dreams and lessons that came from them. I found his ideas and experiences very interesting and inspiring. I thoroughly enjoyed this lecture and recommend it everyone.

Summary Post- Project #10 PLN

My PLN was created on Symbaloo and I found it quite useful. It definitely takes time to connect to as many people and things as you want to but I believe it will be very useful in my learning experience. I connected my twitter, facebook, youtube, added a link to USA's homepage. I am slowly adding more links and connections.


C4T2 #1
I commented on the post Kids Motivating other Kids to Blog which she was talking about how her former students came to talk about blogging to her current students. They had a discussion and the students were asking and answering questions. I commented and said that I enjoyed her post and found it interesting that the kids were so ready to interact with each other.

C4T2 #2
I commented on the post Finding My Voice and shared that I also love to write and it allows me to be creative in a different way. I really enjoyed this blog and will be following it.

Instructional Timeline

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blog Post 6

When I watched the video Networked Student I was surprised how many connections a student can use over the internet to learn and discover new information. I believe that a networked student still needs a teacher for guidance and to help with questions and provide any useful information from experience. Teachers are important to the learning process.

I think being a teacher of a networked student would be very interesting because the students have their own chances to learn information outside of the classroom, which can be good for discussion. Students with access to that much information can even teach the teacher something! With a flow of information that constant there will never be lag time in your classroom discussions which makes for a much better classroom experience.

In the video Welcome to My PLE a seventh grade student showed the audience her Personal Learning Environment (PLE) and described how her classroom environment is and how it works. My personal learning network is similar to her PLE in which it is mainly on the computer and the internet which benefits me greatly because  like my classmates I have a busy schedule and with my PLN I can get my classwork done when I have the time. 

Project 7: C4K

C4K #1
In the firs blog post My Result for the M.I. Test Lesley describes her results for the Multiple Intelligences tests. I commented on her blog post and wished her luck on her improvements.

C4K #2
The second blog post was Our Champions where she describes their school's rugby team. She is very proud of her team and it was quality  blog post. I commented on her blog post and told her it was a very nice post. 

C4K #3 
The first post by Kalim I encountered was The Beep Test  where he described that in the UK you have to get to a 6 level and he only got to 3.6. I told him I had also done the test and only got to the 3rd level but I encouraged him to keep trying. 

C4K #4
I commented on the post for a school who is starting a blog in our area and it is very exciting that we are moving forward with technology. 

C4K #5
I tried to comment on the post  Shweta's About Me Post where she described herself very nicely. She had a virtually error free post and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Sadly there was something wrong with the certain post and I couldn't post a comment.