Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blog Post 13

population of china

So for this blog post I decided to do Option 1. I went to Wolfram Alpha and searched for the population of China. Incredibly the population since 1970 has grown in the billions and it is the largest population in a country on the Earth.

population of india

When you compare China's population to India's population,  China's reproduction rate is much higher. India is the second most populated country and is in competition with China.

population of usa

Now comparing both of these populations to the U.S.'s population which is the third largest population and has grown by 100 million people in the last 30 years. By comparing these populations it is surprising that the U.S. has not grown more considering the amount of space we have in middle America. I believe China is a leader because of the lack of birth control and they have been there for centuries establishing their roots. 

C4K 12

I commented on the post Shanika: Alien Snot and commented that I thought it looked fun to make "alien snot" and I hoped she always has a lot of fun.

Project 15: Smartboard Instruction Part 2

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Final Project Progress Report

We have not finalized what exactly we are going to do for our final project. We are still in the brainstorming stage.

Blog Post 12

My assignment is to watch Randy Pausch's; A Final Farewell watch this video and share some of your favorite things he has shared in terms of using technology in your teaching and in your life. Share at least a paragraph of your thoughts and feelings. Think about how you can use some of his theories and ideas in your classroom.

C4K 11

C4K #11
Looking around Mrs. Yollis' Class Blog I was very impressed at the number of helpful links and the high amount of visitors to the blog. There are about 25,000 more views than the EDM blog which is very interesting considering it consists mainly of posts by elementary students. I'm sure many people have visited this site and found it as interesting as I did. This blog has won many awards for its quality posts. I really enjoyed how much she involves her students and their parents. I loved that she partnered with a class from Australia and Skyped them. Overall this blog was very impressive and I enjoyed exploring it. I commented on the post 288 Skyping with Connecticut and found the post very interesting and enjoyed exploring their blog.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blog Post 11

kids reading
As I watched the video Little Kids...Big Potential I was amazed at how much technology the students were involved in. I was most impressed by their use of their blogs and their class' website. I would use this most in my classroom to get my students more comfortable writing and spelling. Some students may not be as familiar with technology which may require some extra coaching. Students will benefit highly from having experience at an early age with technology as I did. I began typing lessons at 7 and now I am a fast and efficient typist. This has helped me in college because I can type my paper twice as fast as some students. Overall I think any technology is important to introduce to young children to get them comfortable with the technology.

C4K for October

C4K #6
I commented on this class wiki Kids With a View and told Krishant that I enjoy watching football games.

C4K #7
I commented on two posts this week, first was Leslie's Awesome Life in Science in which she wrote a post about growing pains. I commented and told Leslie that I too had growing pains as a child and teenager because I grew 4 inches in middle school! The second post was Carly's Blog in which she wrote a post on why people get freckles. I enjoyed her post very much because I never really understood that having freckles and not being able to tan had something to do with one another.

C4K #8
I commented on Kayla's Blog and she described what she liked to do at school and I told her I enjoyed her blog and good luck.

C4K #9
I commented on Eiffel Tower by Sohel and told her that I enjoyed her Eiffel Tower drawing and good luck in her class.

C4K #10
I commented on Freedom in Research and shared that I too enjoyed having freedom in learning. It helps when you dont enjoy something and you have the freedom to explore it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blog Post 10

books and a computer mouse

When I watched the video Do you Teach or Do you Educate? I was empowered to be an educator rather than a teacher because I look forward to helping my students become better learners and people. In my journey to become an educator I have learned from so many different educators. Some more focused on just teaching the material and others are passionate about the subject and the students and how they are learning and feeling.
Students need a leader who wants them to become a better learner overall and someone to lead them in the right path. I personally hope that when I get a job as a teacher I can educate my students in the proper way and help them on their path.

When I read the post Dont Let Them Take Pencils Home I immediately began reading the comments to see who got the post and who didn't. I personally loved the post and the emphasis on trying to solve a problem instead of just pointing out the negatives of the issue. I'm a person who enjoys to be a problem solver and I'm hoping to take that with me while I begin my education career.