Sunday, November 13, 2011

C4K 11

C4K #11
Looking around Mrs. Yollis' Class Blog I was very impressed at the number of helpful links and the high amount of visitors to the blog. There are about 25,000 more views than the EDM blog which is very interesting considering it consists mainly of posts by elementary students. I'm sure many people have visited this site and found it as interesting as I did. This blog has won many awards for its quality posts. I really enjoyed how much she involves her students and their parents. I loved that she partnered with a class from Australia and Skyped them. Overall this blog was very impressive and I enjoyed exploring it. I commented on the post 288 Skyping with Connecticut and found the post very interesting and enjoyed exploring their blog.

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  1. Hi,Meredith
    I too was very impressed with Mrs. Yolli's blog. She did provide a lot of helpful advice, tips, and links to help teachers get started. The number of visitors was very astonishing to see. I also liked how she skyped with classes around the world. Great post!