Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blog Post 11

kids reading
As I watched the video Little Kids...Big Potential I was amazed at how much technology the students were involved in. I was most impressed by their use of their blogs and their class' website. I would use this most in my classroom to get my students more comfortable writing and spelling. Some students may not be as familiar with technology which may require some extra coaching. Students will benefit highly from having experience at an early age with technology as I did. I began typing lessons at 7 and now I am a fast and efficient typist. This has helped me in college because I can type my paper twice as fast as some students. Overall I think any technology is important to introduce to young children to get them comfortable with the technology.


  1. Hello Meredith,
    My name is Adrienne and I too, was very impressed by what Mrs. Cassidy's first graders accomplished. They understood etiquette of the internet and it was apparent that they are not just completing assignments; they are excited about what they are learning. While I agree that it is important to introduce technology to the students in today's education system; I, however believe that we, as educators, should help our students to determine which technologies will help to them to achieve their goals and which will only distract and confuse them. I don't believe in technology for technology's sake. Technology is a means to an end and some are more useful and productive than others. Good luck in EDM310 and in your future career as an educator.

  2. Your summary was very vague. We need more from you to be sure you fully understand the importance of the assignment.