Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blog Post 13

population of china

So for this blog post I decided to do Option 1. I went to Wolfram Alpha and searched for the population of China. Incredibly the population since 1970 has grown in the billions and it is the largest population in a country on the Earth.

population of india

When you compare China's population to India's population,  China's reproduction rate is much higher. India is the second most populated country and is in competition with China.

population of usa

Now comparing both of these populations to the U.S.'s population which is the third largest population and has grown by 100 million people in the last 30 years. By comparing these populations it is surprising that the U.S. has not grown more considering the amount of space we have in middle America. I believe China is a leader because of the lack of birth control and they have been there for centuries establishing their roots. 


  1. The images cannot be seen and I feel like they probably have information that needs to be in your blog post.

  2. I found your comparisons of the populations of China, India and the United States to be interesting. When looking at the assignment itself, though, it looks like we were required to describe Wolfram Alpha and Google Square. Were those descriptions in your blog? Do you think you would be able to use those in your classroom? How does the information relate to our first blog assignment?