Sunday, November 6, 2011

C4K for October

C4K #6
I commented on this class wiki Kids With a View and told Krishant that I enjoy watching football games.

C4K #7
I commented on two posts this week, first was Leslie's Awesome Life in Science in which she wrote a post about growing pains. I commented and told Leslie that I too had growing pains as a child and teenager because I grew 4 inches in middle school! The second post was Carly's Blog in which she wrote a post on why people get freckles. I enjoyed her post very much because I never really understood that having freckles and not being able to tan had something to do with one another.

C4K #8
I commented on Kayla's Blog and she described what she liked to do at school and I told her I enjoyed her blog and good luck.

C4K #9
I commented on Eiffel Tower by Sohel and told her that I enjoyed her Eiffel Tower drawing and good luck in her class.

C4K #10
I commented on Freedom in Research and shared that I too enjoyed having freedom in learning. It helps when you dont enjoy something and you have the freedom to explore it.

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