Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blog Post 6

When I watched the video Networked Student I was surprised how many connections a student can use over the internet to learn and discover new information. I believe that a networked student still needs a teacher for guidance and to help with questions and provide any useful information from experience. Teachers are important to the learning process.

I think being a teacher of a networked student would be very interesting because the students have their own chances to learn information outside of the classroom, which can be good for discussion. Students with access to that much information can even teach the teacher something! With a flow of information that constant there will never be lag time in your classroom discussions which makes for a much better classroom experience.

In the video Welcome to My PLE a seventh grade student showed the audience her Personal Learning Environment (PLE) and described how her classroom environment is and how it works. My personal learning network is similar to her PLE in which it is mainly on the computer and the internet which benefits me greatly because  like my classmates I have a busy schedule and with my PLN I can get my classwork done when I have the time. 

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  1. Hello Meredith!

    Teachers are pretty important, but perhaps I'm biased seeing as I want to be a teacher. :)

    Anyway, you need to remember to have a picture for your post, but I'm glad that you included the links--and that they work! Yay!

    For some reason you tend to write very brief blog posts. I feel like you are capable of going into more depth about the topics and providing us readers with a better insight into your perception of networking, technology, and your Personal Learning Network. I want to know more about how you manage your PLN or expect to utilize networking in your future classroom. Do you use Symbaloo like the 7th grade student? Or do you use bookmarks or some other type of aggregator?

    While it may not seem very important for you to write about these things, it helps us evaluate you in this class and get a feel for where you are in relation to the assignments.