Sunday, October 2, 2011

Project 7: C4K

C4K #1
In the firs blog post My Result for the M.I. Test Lesley describes her results for the Multiple Intelligences tests. I commented on her blog post and wished her luck on her improvements.

C4K #2
The second blog post was Our Champions where she describes their school's rugby team. She is very proud of her team and it was quality  blog post. I commented on her blog post and told her it was a very nice post. 

C4K #3 
The first post by Kalim I encountered was The Beep Test  where he described that in the UK you have to get to a 6 level and he only got to 3.6. I told him I had also done the test and only got to the 3rd level but I encouraged him to keep trying. 

C4K #4
I commented on the post for a school who is starting a blog in our area and it is very exciting that we are moving forward with technology. 

C4K #5
I tried to comment on the post  Shweta's About Me Post where she described herself very nicely. She had a virtually error free post and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Sadly there was something wrong with the certain post and I couldn't post a comment.  


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  1. I'm sorry to see that you couldn't leave a comment on one of the student's posts. That's unfortunate especially as you say that her post was very good. Where were the students from? What grades were they? These are just a few of the things that would make your C4K posts more substantial.