Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Post 8

teacher in a classroom
       When I watched This Is How We Dream Part 1 & 2 I was very interested in his views on technology and writing with multimedia. Often all my writing is done on my laptop and Sometimes I may publish my writings but often I keep them to myself. He describes many ways to write with multimedia and how it can be helpful in our world. When you write with multimedia it can be published on the internet forever where as a pamphlet may be thrown away after you have read it. This is helpful for people who want to keep spreading and publishing their multimedia writings. I find this very helpful in the classroom because you or your students can go back and look at previous classes blog posts and  search for articles that have been previously published.
        Technology makes many things possible and using it in the classroom is helpful in so many ways. Children can learn different ways to use technology from their teacher and also many teachers from around the world. Student can learn from there peers around the world and they will always be learning something new about using writing multimedia to share their ideas about multimedia with other people. Their ideas will be forever published on the internet so if one day they decide to become a teacher or just want to share it with their children, they can look it up with a few clicks of the mouse and you can bring up their multimedia.
        If we don't embrace technology we will be holding back our future leaders from the information that they need to become successful. Our future is determined by the youth and if we as teachers don't take teaching multimedia into our own hands we will doom the future in some ways. I hope to effectively use technology in my classroom in the future and will keep this information I have acquired for a long time.
        When I read Blog Post 12 by Carly Pugh I was very impressed by her assignment and the effort that she put in when creating her assignment. She provided many helpful links and videos to improve your teaching philosophy and pinpointing your teaching style. I have bookmarked this post as it will be very helpful in the future as I become a teacher.
        When I watched The Chipper Series I enjoyed the message in the video and thought it was a well thought out video. I only wish I could produce such a creative video. If I were to create a video I believe I would really enjoy book reviews for my students and viewers. I really enjoy reading new and interesting books and sharing my ideas and opinions with people on the various books I read and would love to hear feedback from other readers. Also when I watched EDM 310 for Dummies I also enjoyed the messaged and have experienced the same craziness they described but I eventually have figured it out.
        When I watched Learn to Change, Change to Learn I agreed very much with the message in this video. Student need the technology to be better learners and they need all different types of technology to learn in different ways.


  1. These are portable paragraphs. Be sure to use specific details. The EDM staff can tell when students have not honestly completed the assignments.

  2. I am glad that you enjoyed Dr. Pausch's video and like how you linked it to your own future teaching experience. However, you only focus on "teaching multimedia" and "writing with multimedia." What does that mean exactly? I hope that you got a little more from the video than multimedia that can apply to the general sense in which you live your life.

    The "Learn to Change..." video did not really stress the importance of technology for students "to be better learners," but creativity and determination. I hope that you actually watched this video because I got a lot from it!