Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blog Post #7

As I watched Randy Pausch's Last Lecture I found it so interesting while he was talking about his childhood dreams. He achieved his first dream of being weightless in space while he was at Carnegie. His second childhood dream was to play in the NFL. He played little league and learned a lot from it. Football helped him achieve his goals later in life, and he notes that football helped him learn about teamwork and the appreciation of hard work.

His third dream was to be in the World Book Encyclopedia. In which he created an article on virtual reality. His fourth dream was to be Captain Kirk, and what he learned from looking up to him is that leadership is very important. He got to meet William Shatner when he visited Carnegie and their virtual reality set up, in which they built a virtual reality of the Star Trek set for William Shatner which was great because he got to meet his childhood idol.

His fifth dream was to win stuffed animals, in which he showed some pictures of him winning many big stuffed animals, and he also gave some of the bears away. His sixth and final dream was to be an imagineer at Disney.  After graduating from college he applied at Disney to be an imagineer and graciously got denied.
But after time he got integrated with the alladin project and he achieved his dream.

I found this lecture very interesting because he discussed different dreams and lessons that came from them. I found his ideas and experiences very interesting and inspiring. I thoroughly enjoyed this lecture and recommend it everyone.


  1. Meredith,
    Your writing is informative and short, outlining the points of Mr. Pausch's lecture well. Your details nicely describe the order of events and their significance to his teaching techniques.
    I would have liked to have read more about your interpretation of how his teaching may help you in yours; how did his techniques inspire you?
    Be sure and proofread, and use descriptive words freely. You write with an admirable enthusiasm. I like your blog design!

    Gretchen McPherson

  2. Hello Meredith!

    I have to echo Gretchen, because I feel like you could have gone deeper into a discussion of how Dr. Pausch's lecture affected you and what he really made his video for. The lessons and skills he emphasized in the video are some that can apply to more than just teachers, but students as well. You managed to summarize his "dreams" but there was a whole lot more to the video than those. You also need to remember to include a picture.