Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blog Post 5

In the post Dont teach your kids this stuff...please?  Dr. Mcleod writes about technology and how important it is to get a leg up in teaching your students about it. My position is that I am completely supportive of moving forward in technology and continuing to educate our students on how important technology is to our life. The sooner you learn an important skill the more fluent you become.

In the video The iSchool Initiative Travis Allen describes a school where there are no books or paper just using the iTouch from Apple to conduct tests, assignments, notes, study guides and many other paper focused activities. I'm somewhat skeptical about this initiative because in Alabama our budgets are at an all time low and if you work in an impoverished school how will the students be able to pay for the iTouch. There is always the threat of breaking or someone stealing it. Also in some cases pen and paper is a great way to get your ideas out. You may also be able to draw on the device but there really is nothing comparable to drawing and shading with a pencil. Overall I think its an interesting idea but it may take a while for it to become a bug free initiative.

In the video Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir he created a choir with many people all over the world to create a virtual choir. This is impressive because it is difficult to conduct a choir in person and Eric did it virtually. I am very impressed with this video and enjoyed it very much. I think this is a great use of the internet because it brings a big group of people together.

In the video Teaching in the 21st Century Roberts argues a valid point. If we as teachers don't give our students the right tools and techniques for the internet and all its add ons, then where will they learn the right techniques? We must take it upon ourselves to educate our students successfully.


  1. Hey Meredith, I agree on the earlier you learn the more fluent you are because kids can learn a language easier and faster than an adult can. I know it takes me a while to learn something but it takes my son no time.
    I understand what you mean about the ISchool Initiative having bug in the plan since there are not all honest people out there that won't steal but for the money part instead of buying all these school supplies throughout the year that adds up it could be used for an itouch.
    The Virtual CHoir impressed me too. It looked so perfect how it was created but you can imagine how long it took to make that.
    Teaching in the 21st Century I suspect is difficult and will get even more difficult if a teacher does not learn the technology that is out there for the students. It is almost required to be skilled in technology of today in every classroom.

  2. Hi Meredith, we have the same name! I have the pleasure of commenting on your blog because my other C4C hasn't posted anything. I'm glad to read that you were as impressed as I was with the virtual choir. I knew that virtual choirs were possible, but I had never seen one. It's amazing to see the internet put to use in such a creative way. Hope to hear back from you!

  3. McLeod: You got the sarcasm. Many students didn't and interpreted McLeod's post literally.

    McLeod: You got the sarcasm. Many students didn't and interpreted McLeod's post literally.

  4. Obviously, you got the sarcasm. No need to beat that horse to death. :D

    As for the remainder of your post, I have to say that I think you made some good points, especially in regards to the iSchool initiative. I like that you mentioned "bug free" because, while I think it's a great initiative and could be beneficial, there are still a lot of issues that need to be addressed. Theft being only one.

    Your posts are consistently brief, which I think I mentioned at least once before. I'm not complaining, because it gives me less to read, but I feel like you could put a little more meat on your blog's bones. Just a thought.

    Over all, it was a good post. You need to add a title modifier to your picture though.