Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blog Post 3

 Peer Editing

For C4C #2 I commented on Kelly Ficarelli's Blog on the Project #3 post in which I found no grammatical errors and a very interesting post. She shared her opinion on the assigned blog honestly and creatively, in which she highlighted some high points in the blog post. She distributed great clarity in her post. If i were to give any negative criticisms I would do it privately by email because I prefer to be discrete and to not make the author uncomfortable. Otherwise I found no errors so I commented on her post and gave her my honest opinion, in which I enjoyed the post. 

In this blog post Ms. Hines offers a great point on technology and its role in the classroom. She states that to use it effectively the teacher also needs to be a learner. Technology is always changing and as I have observed the younger generation is often some of the first people to master it. Which means as teachers to keep up with our students learning abilities we need to be as fluent in technology as our students our. 
Also she stresses to focus on the  students learning without having to pound the information in the child's brain over and over again with no results. Another good point she makes is that when the technology is not utilized it is wasted money. Which is a disappointment for the children whom are excited about new and different ways to learn and would likely enjoy using said technology thoroughly. 

Mr. Fisch's post was very powerful to me, he argued that today in the 21st century teachers need to be technologically literate to be successfully teaching their students.  I completely agree that if the teachers do not take responsibility for providing a technological environment for their students they may never be exposed and become technologically illiterate themselves. As a future teacher I need to be exposed to technology in every way possible to ensure that I am using my states tax dollars successfully teaching our future leaders. 
Reflecting on my own learning experience, I was taught since first grade that it is important to know how to use a computer, I was a successfully fast typer by middle school and have proficiently used a computer since fifth grade. The longer you wait to learn something the harder it becomes to learn so in turn the sooner our students learn the more proficient they will be with the technology.
This ever changing social media count is not surprising to me personally being someone who has been involved in social media for a good amount of time. Technology moves so fast and it has a daily effect on how fast it moves into our lives and our classrooms. Who knows? In 100 years teachers may not be needed as technology progresses. In the last 10 years technology has come so far it is astounding.
If you would have asked me that I could use a portable phone like a computer 10 years ago I would not have believed you. That was an idea of the future, and look where we are, the future! I cant imagine how far we will come in the next 10-20 years with technology but as I prepare for my career as a teacher I'm attempting to prepare myself for the ever changing technology in our environment.

In this video there are some startling numbers which are quite true in my own life. There are rarely enough hours in the day to complete all my tasks, such as having a part time, high stress job, being a full time student with plenty of homework, and keeping up with social relationships and household chores, oh and sleep. I somewhat agree that the technology we invent can sometimes hold us back from learning, but I don't believe the laptop was made to help students to not pay attention in class, it's intended purpose is for a person on the go who needs access to the internet.
Also I don't believe social networks were made for the same reason, but as many different things in our environment are misused from time to time but for the most part are used for the intended reason. Technology can harm and help our daily tasks and for the most part is a useful and important part of my life. 



  1. Meredith,

    Thank you for the gmail advice link. I am definitely going to check that out.

    I also agree with your comments about the importance of technology in today's classrooms. Although, it worries me that we are becoming a technology dependent society. Of course this is just my opinion, but while working at a local hospital I witnessed on several occasions people who could NOT function without a computer or a calculator. Well, sometimes the computers are down, and you don't have time to get a calculator. These situations can be very scary. I believe that as teachers one of the greatest challenges will be learning how to stress the importance of both. It seems like it's kind of a double edged sword. If we push technology too much, they will become dependent. And if we don't provide enough knowledge of technology, they won't be able to function in this "technical" world. What do you think?
    I have enjoyed following your blog, by the way. Keep up the good work and good luck.

  2. Hello Meredith!

    Your post is very thoughtful and your responses to the prompts show marked improvement from the last time I commented. Awesome! You still seem to be having trouble with the alt and title tags for your pictures. If you need to, come into the lab and one of us can show you what you need to do. I just took a look sidebar gadgets, and it looks like your Followers and Contact Me (which you have as Twitter) are not working properly. It may just be a temporary bug, but take a look anyway. You may have to remove them and then re-add them to your blog. Sometimes those sort of things happen--I call them Blogger Fits.

    Anyway, keep up the good work! The only thing that I want to warn you to watch out for in your posts is run-ons. I like them too, but at some point the sentence must end and comma splices just don't do the trick.

  3. I second Bailey's comments. Thoughtful. Well written. well done.